Mohs Surgery

Having any type of skin cancer is scary and you have the right to feel anxious and nervous about it. 

But you also should know, that if detected early, it is highly curable. 

And by seeing a specialist skin cancer doctor, you’ll be able find the most efficient way of treating your cancer. 

Mohs surgery is known as the most effective procedure for skin cancer removal of the face and neck. With Mohs surgery, the skin cancer can be removed in one session. The step-by-step process allows for your skin excision to be examined there and then. In standard surgery, the excision is sent off to a laboratory and will take a few days for the results. This also has the risk of needing further surgery if the cancer was not been fully removed. 

At SKIN we are passionate about Mohs surgery. It’s a highly effective surgery that allows you to feel as relaxed as possible. We have built a specialty team who are highly experienced and qualified to perform Mohs surgery. 

Here’s why SKIN is so unique when it comes to Mohs surgery, and any type of skin cancer removal.

Dr Ben Tallon

Dr Tallon is the only practicing Dermatopathologist with International Board qualifications in New Zealand. That means you’ll be receiving the best possible diagnoses there is. Dr Tallon has extensive experience with skin cancer removal and Mohs surgery. 

Depending on where the skin cancer is on your body, it will require a careful reconstruction of the skin to make the scarring as minimal as possible. Dr Tallon is a perfectionist and has an amazing talent to make sure your scar is as small as it can be by taking grafts from other, less prominent areas of the body.

An Expert Team

In order for Ben to do his job efficiently we have developed a highly qualified team to allow our service to be the best.

We have specialty Mohs Technicians who prepare the excisions, ready for Dr Tallon to examine. Our technicians are highly experienced and knowledgeable and play a integral part of the procedure.

We have specialty Dermatology Nurses, who work alongside Dr Tallon during surgery making sure you get the best possible attention. 

In and out in one day

Waiting for results is no one's ideal situation. Especially if the result is a bad one and the uncertainty continues. Mohs surgery is one day surgery, same day results. 

The process can take one to two hours and depending on the results of each of the skin excision will depend on if the process will need to be repeated. 

The Mohs surgery method allows you to have peace of mind when you leave and has limited disruption time on your life. 

Comfortable, relaxing surroundings

Our primary focus is for you to feel as relaxed as possible. That’s why we’ve created our brand new, purpose built clinic. We’ve custom made our clinic and waiting rooms to make you feel comfortable throughout the process.

Because Mohs surgery is designed for the patient to wait for results, we want your waiting time to be pleasant, that’s why you can expect tea, coffee and homemade cake at your fingertips. 

We also advise bringing along a book, or your own music to make the time go nice and fast. 

Gold star service

SKIN provides the gold star treatment from when you walk in the door to follow up appointments. 

Prior to the appointment we’ll let you everything you need to know. We can also advise you on the best way to deal with anxiety towards the surgery. 

We understand the worries you might have and it’s our job to put you at ease. 

And once the surgery is complete and you’re at all concerned with the final outcome we will do anything possible to put these concerns to bed, leaving you feeling nothing but confident. 


If you have any queries about skin cancer removal and wondering if Mohs is the right option for you, please get in touch