In house  Dermatopatholog y provides the best chance at accurate diagnosis.

In house Dermatopathology provides the best chance at accurate diagnosis.

SKIN IS the only specialist skin clinic in New Zealand that carries out its own Dermatopathology.

Dermatopathology is the science of examining skin specimens (biopsies and surgical excisions) under a microscope to make a diagnosis. It is a specialty branch of Dermatology and Pathology, requiring additional training over-and-above that of a Dermatologist.

Dr Tallon completed intensive training with world leading experts in the area of Dermatopathology in Boston USA, and then at the University of Graz, Austria. He subsequently completed an international licensing examination in Dermatopathology and is now the only practising Dermatopathologist with this level of qualification in New Zealand.

Dermatopathology is also a critical component of MOHS surgery and Frozen Section Surgery, advanced surgical techniques offered by SKIN.  MOHS surgery is regarded as the optimal treatment for high risk skin cancers, particularly on the face. More on MOHS surgery.

As a highly experienced Dermatopathologist, Dr Tallon is able to offer the unique advantage of managing your skin from the clinic right through diagnosis in the laboratory and, if necessary, through surgery.  This important interface between the clinic and the microscope provides your best chance of successful diagnosis and treatment.

In addition to his work for Pathlab and LabPlus, Dr Tallon provides a private Dermatopathology consultation service through Skin Pathology NZ.  If you want the confidence of knowing that your diagnosis is in the hands of one of NZ’s most experienced and respected specialists, you can arrange to have Ben read your biopsy even if you have not attended the SKIN clinic.  Many insurance companies will cover this specialist consultation.

In 2015 Dr Tallon has gained accreditation as an international training director for dermatopathology. This is under the auspices of the ICDP-UEMS. The training fellowship is held in conjuction with Pathlab, with licensing examinations for trainees held yearly in Frankfurt.

SKIN Pathology NZ

Private Laboratory Service

SKIN Pathology NZ is a specialist dermatopathology laboratory established to provide specialist only pathology services of all skin biopsy and surgical specimens. Specialist skin pathology is the expected level of care for skin specimens internationally. In NZ skin specimens are routinely processed and reported through general pathology laboratories. With only three specialist dermatopathologists in the country a specialist opinion is not routinely available. 

Through SKIN Pathology NZ your specimens will be processed in a timely fashion and only examined by a specialist dermatopathologist. 

SKIN Pathology NZ offers complete processing of your specimen from the point of biopsy through to completion of the written report. It is also possible for previously reported specimens to be reviewed in consultation and a second opinion provided. Your specimen can be retrieved from any other laboratory within New Zealand.

How do I have my specimen processed through SKIN Pathology NZ?

Simply ask the doctor at the time of your biopsy or surgery to submit your specimen to this laboratory. 

To receive a second opinion on a prior biopsy or surgical specimen please provide your details here.

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