Our Approach to Skin Cancer Treatment

SKIN provides expert diagnosis and treatment for all kinds of skin cancer.

As the only skin cancer specialist in New Zealand offering Dermatopathology, we are in the unique position of being able to provide continuity of care from the earliest stages of skin cancer screening and clinical diagnosis, through all levels of treatment including Mohs surgery.


Most Accurate
skin cancer diagnosis

Dr Ben Tallon is the consultant Dermatopathologist for Pathlab in Tauranga and the Waikao, as well as LabPlus Auckland. This means that he analyses skin cancer biopsies sent to him by other dermatologists from around New Zealand and gives expert advice on each diagnosis. Read more on Dermatopathology...

In this role he has personally analysed thousands of skin cancer biopsies, and had exposure to a wider range of unique tumours than any other skin cancer expert in New Zealand. He brings the benefit of this experience to every skin cancer patient he sees, giving you a diagnosis in which you can have complete confidence.

When working with skin cancer patients at SKIN he brings the significant advantage of personally examining the tumour on the skin, as well as analysing the biopsied specimen under the microscope. This continuity provides the most accurate possible representation, leading to more accurate diagnosis.


Mohs surgery for Skin Cancer

Mohs surgery for skin cancer is offered on-site at SKIN by Dr Ben Tallon, supported by our skilled theatre nurses and Mohs Technicians. Recognised as the leading treatment for many types of skin cancers, Mohs surgery has been shown to achieve a long-term cure rate of 99% as well as minimising scarring caused by surgery.   Read more about Mohs surgery...


As Dr Tallon is the only practicing Dermatopathologist with International Board qualifications in New Zealand, you can be confident that your specimen receives the most expert opinion available. Mohs surgery is carried out in one of our custom-designed theatres. Patients are able to relax in privacy in our dedicated recovery area while their specimen is processed and analysed in our lab.

Continuity of Care for Skin Cancer Patients   

Our specialist skin cancer clinic offers expert treatment through all stages of skin cancer diagnosis and treatment. This gives you the reassurance of being supported by the same team throughout the entire process. Our services include:

  • Skin Check  - A thorough Skin Check using a dermatoscope to identify and diagnose skin cancer.
  • Dermatopathology - Diagnosis will be supported by Dermatopathology (the reading of skin specimens under a microscope) undertaken personally by Dr Tallon.
  • Treatment - We will recommend the optimal treatment for your particular type of skin cancer and circumstances. This could include topical chemotherapy, curettage or surgery.
  • Surgery - Where surgery is recommended, this will be performed by Dr Tallon in our purpose designed theatre suite. We are fully equipped to perform all kinds of skin surgery including Frozen Section and Mohs surgery. 

Meet some of our Skin Cancer Team