Melanoma Symptoms

This third most common type of skin cancer is also the most notorious due to its high risk and potential to affect both the young and the old. As the Bay of Plenty has one of the highest Melanoma risks in the world, regular skin checks are essential.

Typical melanoma symptoms can be easily remembered using the ABC below:

  • Asymmetry – one half of the mole looks different from the other.

  • Border irregularities – the edge of the mole appears ragged.

  • Colour variegation – the mole has different colours or hues.

  • Diameter – this is typically larger than 6mm.

  • Enlargement or evolution – the colour, shape or appearance has changed.

It is essential to pick up the early melanoma symptoms developing in the skin as the best cure is early surgical removal. Dr Tallon at SKIN has a rare combination of expertise to diagnose your skin, as a Dermatologist trained in dermoscopy, and as a specialist dermatopathologist trained in the reporting of skin pathology.  With his advisory role for Melanoma NZ and as a speaker at national and international forums, Dr Tallon has his finger on the most up to date advances in diagnosis and management of Melanoma.

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