Chemical Peels

Here at the SKIN Dermatology Institute we offer a range of grades of TCA peels to suit your requirements. Reverse the signs of sun damage such as pigmentation and scale with a series of peels with our nurses. For more advanced damage, fine lines and acne scarring Dr Tallon performs deeper peels with the option of local analgesia. This can also address difficult areas such as the chest, neck and back of the hands.


The skin is cleansed and prepared for the application of peel.  Once the peel is applied a mild stinging sensation may be felt but is not uncomfortable. Once the peel has achieved the desired result, the skin will be cleansed and liberally covered with moisturiser to end the treatment. The skin may remain red throughout the day before settling, and then gently shedding over the following week. It is important to be extra careful with your sun protection during this period.

 If you want to find out more, contact our team for a complimentary appointment with our appearance nurses.

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