The BIOSkin range has been developed by Dr Tallon from natural products to nourish your skin while avoiding unnecessary chemicals. Many products are known to irritate the skin, and strip away its natural defenses. BIOSkin has been developed with the principle of avoiding harm, so if there is concern about an ingredient, an alternative is found. The products available from SKIN offer comprehensive skincare for a variety of skin types and their needs. We have carefully created the following products based on our own research and with you and your needs in mind.

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GE Free & Cruelty Free.


BioSkin Lemon Myrtle Cream


50gms $25

Lemon Myrtle has proven antibacterial and anti itch properties, and so is a useful natural option for those itchy bites and small sores. Compounded with our BIOSkin moisturiser this cream provides additional moisturisation benefits. Lemon myrtle has also historically been used as an insect repellent, so it is a good one to have around the BBQ.


180730-_DSC9712-clearcut 600.jpg

450gms $30

Our very own moisturiser, specifically formulated and manufactured with dry skins in mind. Its light formulation makes it perfect for an all over body cream, in particular for those with eczema / dermatitis and psoriasis.

BIO Skin has been carefully manufactured to remove known products detrimental to moisturisation such as sodium laureth sulphate and parabens, and contains limited preservatives and fragrances to avoid inducement of contact dermatitis.

BIO Skin should be recommended as a general purpose emollient and soap substitute. It is particularly useful in dry skin (asteatosis or ichthyosis), eczema/dermatitis and psoriasis.

BIO Skin is specifically indicated for use over Aqueous cream when there is a history of preservative contact allergy including to Chlorocresol. BIO Skin has increased aqua and liquid paraffin to create a lighter formulation which is more readily applied to large surface areas.

bioskin Cleanser &
Make Up Remover


300gms $25

This gentle cleanser carefully removes excess oils from the skin and unwanted sunscreen and makeup products from their daytime use. Suitable for all skin types this natural citrus cleanser will leave your skin feeling clean and refreshed.

BIOSkin has been developed by our own dermatologist Dr Tallon, and was driven by a desire to have a range of basic natural products. BIOSkin preparations strip back unnecessary additives and preservatives to create a simple and effective product without the added risk of contact irritation and allergy.