Sunspots, also known as age spots are caused by overexposure to UV light. 

Sunspots can appear at any age but are most common in the over 40’s who have had prolonged exposure to the sun.

The skin’s defence to prolonged time spent in the sun is to produce melanin. The melanin clumps together to form darker patches and is trying to protect the layers of skin beneath. It’s these darker patches that are known as sunspots.

Though sunspots are not a form of skin cancer they are a warning sign that the skin has been exposed to too much sun, and they do increase the risk of skin cancer.  
As sunspots appear on the top layers of skin there are several remedies to reduce their appearance by treating the outer layers of skin. These remedies are best performed out of the hot, summer months and with very limited/no exposure to the sun immediately after having treatment. 

At SKIN we have various methods to treat sunspots. And sometimes having combined methods can totally eliminate the sunspot altogether. 
Our appearance medicine doctors and nurses create tailor made treatment plans for sunspots and will advise you on one (or more) of the following treatments to tend to your skin.

Using a vitamin A cream to lighten dark sunspots

Retinol found in vitamin A creams can speed up skin cell activity and moves the pigment up and out of the skin. This reduces the dark patches of skin.
However, depending on how long the sunspot has been developing for, and how deep it is in the skin, using a vitamin A cream may not provide results. 
There are several types of Vitamin A creams. The creams you can get over the counter often do not contain enough vitamin A to make a difference. SKIN can prescribe vitamin A creams that need to be used with caution and strict instructions, but are very effective form of skin rejuvenation. 

Find out more about using vitamin A.

TCA Peels removes the outer layer of skin 

When a TCA peel is applied to the skin it causes the top layer to dry out and peel, leaving a new, undamaged layer of skin.
By removing the outer layer, you can reduce the appearance of the dark sunspot, leaving it lighter and less prominent.

Depending on how deep the sunspot goes, you may need a series of peels over a period of time in order to reduce the dark patches significantly. 

Liquid nitrogen can remove some skin spots

Liquid nitrogen is used to freeze and destroy the pigment completely. Once applied, it freezes the area to -196­°C. Days to weeks later the skin peels that layer of skin away.

Once again, whether the area can be completely removed of the dark patch or not, will depend on the depth of the sunspot.

Dermapen® is micro needling technology that rejuvenates skin

Dermapen® is used for many skin conditions to encourage natural collagen growth. 

The micro-needling technology penetrates the skin, which forces the skin to puncture, forming small wounds. This then starts the skin’s healing process by peeling a layer of skin, leaving a new brand new layer of skin underneath. 
By removing the top layers of skin it can reduce the darkness of sunspots and can be repeated over a period of time to get the desired outcome. 

All of these treatments can be used in conjunction with each other when an experienced doctor or nurse has designed the personal treatment plan. The team at SKIN will get you the best possible results and reduce your sunspots safely and effectively.

Get to know our treatments and our expert appearance medicine team a little better, and how we can help you achieve beautiful skin.