Three solutions to getting a 'Youthful Glow'

Let's face it, we’ve all got them. 

Those facial features that scream out at us when we look in the mirror. 

The constant prodding, pulling, stretching that we do to ourselves to see what we’d look like if that loose sagging skin wasn’t there. 

If only to be 19 again. 

But there’s no point point dwelling on the past. Look to the bright future and some of the amazing treatments out there to make you feel confident and happy in your skin. 

That’s where facial treatments and medicine come in.

And to get the look you’re after you should check out the three solutions below. One could be just the answer to your problem. 

#1 TCA Face peels

What is a TCA peel?

TCA (trichloracetic acid) is a relative to vinegar and is a non-toxic chemical. When applied to the skin it cause the top layer to dry out and peel, leaving a new, undamaged layer of skin. 

What does a TCA peel treat?

Peels are used to treat skin problems such as:

  • Sun damage/sun spots
  • Ageing spots
  • Pigmentation
  • Fine wrinkles
  • Acne scarring 

Is a TCA peel safe for your skin?

Peels are completely safe when performed by a professional with experience. Together with your Dermatology Doctor or Nurse you’ll decide if a TCA peel is right your skin condition.

They will prescribe an individual treatment plan that will give you the best result. 

What can you expect from a TCA peel?

A TCA peel starts with a full skin cleanse to remove any excess oils that would prevent the peel from working effectively. 

Different strengths of peels are then selected depending on your treatment plan and applied to the skin, until they achieve the desired reaction. The skin is then thoroughly washed and moisturised, with instruction to carefully protect the skin from sun exposure.

While one peel may be all that’s needed, three peels are often recommended to build on the improvements seen with each treatment. 

#2 Botox®

Botox® and fillers are amazing products that help eliminate wrinkles, making skin look firmer and younger. 

What is Botox® used for?

Botox® (Botulinum toxin A) is a neurotoxin widely used as a non surgical treatment to target fine lines and wrinkles. It paralyses the localised muscles, stopping them from contracting which then stop facial lines and wrinkles from appearing. 

This is not as scary as it sounds. And as long as it’s being administered by professional people, it’s completely safe. 

What do you need to be careful of?

Some people steer away from Botox® because they’ve seen the effects of overuse and a far from natural look outcome. With experienced doctors and nurses managing your treatment plan, this won’t happen. 

Botox® is not permanent and may take a few treatments to get the desired result. All this should be planned out with your doctor or nurse. 

Is Botox® right for me?

Botox® can treat many areas of the face, from crows feet and forehead lines, to lips and smiles. There are also specific procedures that help you get the exact look you’re after. The best thing to do is to talk to an experienced doctor or nurse and work through a personalised treatment plan.

#3 Belkyra®

What is Belkyra® used for?

Belkyra® contains a synthetic version of deoxycholic acid which imitates the body’s naturally occurring deoxycholic acid. It is used to reduce the fat around the chin area by dissolving fat cells and minimising the double chin. 

Once the targeted fat cells have been injected under the chin the body’s repair system takes away the dead cells and excretes them out of the body.

What can you expect from the treatment?

The procedure is very straightforward. You can expect anywhere between 2 and 4 (max 6) treatments that happen 4-6 weeks apart. 

Recovery and downtime are variable on each patient but generally it’s very little downtime. 

Some side effects you may see are bruising, pain, numbness, redness and areas of hardness, but after subsequent treatments these will lessen as there is less fat to target.

How to choose the right treatment for you.

Having treatments to your face can be scary and nerve wracking. But when you work with a experienced professional, those feelings should go away. Leaving you feeling comfortable and happy with your treatments and outcome. 

As a skin expert clinic we have qualified doctors and nurses to perform these cosmetic treatments in a safe and controlled environment. 

We love to help our patients feel happy in their skin and will always give them an honest, professional opinion on treatment options. 

If you have more questions or want to book a consultation, please give us a call on 07 571 5548 or send us a message.