Tauranga’s skin specialist

SKIN is a small and highly specialised team providing expert care for all skin conditions in a caring and personal environment. Based in Tauranga in the Bay of Plenty, SKIN is headed by Dr Ben Tallon, a respected skin specialist who is sought after as a consultant and speaker both in New Zealand and abroad.

The team at SKIN take care to make your experience as relaxed as possible. They understand that dealing with any skin condition can be stressful, whether it’s skin cancer or a less serious ailment such as acne or pigmentation. One of the ways they make the process easier is by providing complete continuity of care. This gives you the reassurance of dealing with the same team through all aspects of care – from initial screening, clinical diagnosis, treatment and where necessary, surgery.

Expertise that other Dermatologists rely on

SKIN is the only specialist skin clinic in New Zealand that carries out its own Dermatopathology. This is the science of reading skin specimens (biopsies and surgical excisions) under the microscope to make a diagnosis.  

In his role as Dermatopathologist for Pathlab in Tauranga and the Waikato, as well as LabPlus Auckland, Ben has personally analysed thousands of slides. His experience and expertise in the diagnosis of skin cancer is respected by the hundreds of medical professionals across New Zealand that count on him to guide them in their treatment of patients.

As one of very few professionals qualified in both Dermatology and Dermatopathology, SKIN patients benefit from Ben’s expertise in both disciplines. Not only does he examine the tumour on the skin, he can also personally analyse the biopsied specimen under the microscope. This continuity provides the most accurate possible representation, leading to a diagnosis in which you can have complete confidence.

Ben and the team at SKIN are committed to offering an internationally recognised level of care as a skin specialist in the Bay of Plenty.

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